Pope Francis + supermoon = Special night at PHL Airport

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At 7:47 p.m. Francis was in the air, leaving Philadelphia International Airport on a course for Rome that would take him over the Atlantic Ocean and under a "supermoon" lunar eclipse – when the moon appears larger than usual but is also completely eclipsed by the Earth for about an hour. Read more

Pope to meet with sex-abuse victims?

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Part of Pope Francis' address to U.S. bishops in Washington, D.C., Wednesday addressed the clergy sex-abuse scandal, and raised the possibility that the pontiff would meet privately with victims: Read more

Pope Francis' morning in D.C.

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It’s hard to say what this augurs for the pope’s visit to Philadelphia, but ridership on the Metro (DC’s subway) was surprisingly... Read more

Cuban man sees pope as 'Father of Cuban people'

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Monday began even earlier than usual for the journalists traveling on Pope Francis' plane this week. We are bound today for Holguin (I'm told the "H" is silent) on the eastern end of Cuba. It's the nation's fourth-largest city. Read more

Francis hints at Church role post-Castro brothers

HAVANA, Cuba - With three symbolic visits, Pope Francis on Sunday seemed to hint at an agenda for his journey to this officially secular island... Read more

Inquirer reporter swaps skullcaps with Pope Francis

More than three years have passed since Archbishop Chaput held a little press briefing in the rectory of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul to tell a few reporters – me among them – that Pope Benedict had chosen Philadelphia to host the 2015 World Meeting of Families. Read more

Following Francis: Do Jumbotrons do it?

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With many who planned to see Pope Francis in Philadelphia now upset to learn that only 15 percent of visitors will have access to the closest viewing area, The Inquirer's religion reporter mulls the matter and discusses Jumbotrons. Read more

How to cover a pope

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The Religion Newswriters Association met in Philadelphia this weekend. I stuck my head in for part of it on Friday. On Saturday I was a panelist to talk about covering papal visits like the one Francis is making to Cuba and the U.S. in September. Read more

Adventures in acquiring a Cuban visa

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I’m one of a handful of American journalists who’ll be traveling with Francis on his planes as he goes from city to city. Read more