Wright Out of the Blocks: Thank Heaven for hockey season

The Flyers celebrates Danny Briere's goal Saturday against the Kings. (Ron Cortes, staff photographer)

By Jennifer Wright, Science Leadership Academy

I’ll admit it. I didn’t even watch the Phillies lose. That’s terrible, I know. It was a big one too, even the part-time fans watched that one. I wish I had the time to actually sit down and watch a game or two when I felt like it.

I’m a junior in high school and training for the Philadelphia Marathon.

I think that says it all. Lucky for me, my favorite team plays during the time I run the least out of the whole year. Right now, the Marathon and training is my whole world. After November 20th, I will no longer have to rely on ESPN’s highlights to keep me updated on the Flyers or any sports for that matter.

The spring is the beginning of the running season for me. The Phillies are gearing up the same time I am. This past March was the first “spring training” for me. I started at 1 mile, and here I am getting ready to run 26.2 in the Philadelphia Marathon at 16 years old.

I find it funny how at the beginning of each school year I want to pull my hair out from stress. Then New Year’s rolls around, and I wonder why I have no life. That was magnified this year because not only am I running more than ever, I am preparing for the SAT in the winter/spring and beginning the college search among other extracurricular. I think back to the free time I had last year when I perused Philly.com sports section and ESPN’s home page every morning.

Nope, not even close this year.

Anyone can keep up with a team’s standings, it’s another thing entirely to do it firsthand. I feel like less of a fan because I have to Google the score while doing my homework rather than attending the game or actually watching nine innings or three periods. I would walk into my job this summer and would turn the Phillies on the radio before anything else. It was the least I could do.

So what’s a girl to do? Stay busy (and out of trouble Mom would say) or spend time (gasp, by some female friends) watching sports?

Hopefully I can find a way to do both this hockey season.