Wright Out of the Blocks: Sports Avoid the Cut

By Jennifer Wright , Science Leadsership Academy

Good news! Spring sports were not cancelled by the school district. 

This was duly noted by almost every student in my school who attempted to use the bathroom recently during the hours of 3:05 to 3:20.

Science Leadership Academy doesn't have locker rooms (boo, I know. We have MacBooks.) Each stall was filled with joyous students changing for sports: Track and Field, Softball, Basketball, Baseball, Girls Soccer and the SLA favorite - Ultimate Frisbee. 

I would venture to say almost everyone I know at school, granted my class has 120 students, plays a sport. With two seasons, that is a good percentage of the school participating in a spring sport. Lucky for them, the district decided against cutting the season to remedy the $61 million budget gap. 

I would rather not imagine the backlash to sports being cancelled. Having extremely dedicated faculty and student body, we would figure out how to make it work. Unfortunately for other schools, I can't say the same would be done. 

I'm no stranger to paying-to-play sports. I went to Catholic elementary school and played volleyball and softball from 5th grade to 8th. You better believe I payed for every jersey and referee used. 

I'm not sure where students would get the money to participate in sports. Sports may be the only reason they do well or even stay in school.

That is the motivation for some athletes. If staying after school a little later or studying for an hour more is the ticket to playing basketball this season, that is going to get done. 

Personally, running with my team has been one of the best things to happen to me. Imagining not having the chance to do that because we couldn't pay the coach or get jerseys would crush me. 

It would be hard to swallow if something so essential to the high school experience got suspended because of money issues.

Not only are sports affected by the budget cuts, but AP classes are cancelled for the summer. Applying to college right now, I understand what AP classes can do for one's transcript to a potential college. 

The whole thing has become something of a joke with the student body. Whenever something around school is faulty for whatever reason, we look at one another and jokingly say, "Budget cuts.." and shake our heads.