Football game postponed because of skin-infection outbreak

Because of a skin-infection outbreak affecting football players, Council Rock South administrators postponed Friday night’s scheduled game at Pennsbury.

During the week, administrators became aware of two confirmed cases of players with skin infections. Practice was canceled Thursday so that staff could examine varsity and junior varsity players.

“Of the 70-plus players receiving a skin check, about 20 students had skin abrasions, which although potentially innocuous, were deemed to be suspicious enough to warrant further evaluation,” Council Rock South principal Albert R. Funk said in a statement.

The Suburban One League National Conference matchup at Pennsbury was tentatively rescheduled for 7 p.m. Monday.

“This will allow us sufficient time to conduct additional skin checks and work thoroughly to contain this issue,” Funk said.

Funk added that “the team locker room, weight room, and shower facilities have been completely sanitized and will receive extensive cleaning daily over the next several weeks.”

Golden Hawks assistant coach Johnny Donohoe said the team planned to hold a non-contact, walk-through practice Friday and, if allowed by administrators, regular practice Saturday.

“While we are hopeful that this issue is contained, we do realize that certain infections have incubation periods of several days, so we will remain vigilant and continue to monitor the situation closely,” Funk said.

C.R. South athletic director John Radick said that any player with a possible skin infection would not participate in practices or games until cleared by a physician.