Prep Charter appeals postseason ban

Prep Charter celebrates their championship in the Public League girls' basketball championship at Temple's Liacouras Center on February 24, 2013. (Michael S. Wirtz/Staff Photographer).

Prep Charter has appealed District 12's ruling to ban all athletic teams from the postseason and the school believes it has a strong chance to win.

Earlier this month, District 12 banned the girls' basketball for two seasons of postseason play and all other team's for one postseason.The school is only challenging the one-year ban levied on other teams, not girls' basketball.

The ruling came after the School District's Inspector General found a third girls' basketball player to live outside the city.

Prep Charter sent a letter to the PIAA earlier this month and hopes to have a hearing before the end of the summer.

"The poor kids didn't realize what was happening," said CEO John S. Badagliacco. "They did nothing wrong."

Badagliacco said the school removed girls' basketball coach Ashley Logue and stripped Chuck Pearsall of his athletic director duties. Pearsall remains with the school as the head of security and vice principal Karen Shannon has been named athletic director.

Badagliacco said the school will refuse to sign any transfer waivers that are believed to be athletically guided. Under PIAA rules, a student is not allowed to transfer based on athletic reasons.

"We had to send to a message to the parents that said 'Listen, we're challenging the ruling and I'm pretty sure we're going to win," said Badagliacco.