Penn State-bound Watkins heads to Math, Civics & Sciences

Math, Civics & Sciences junior forward Mike Watkins at the Reebok Classic Breakout at Philadelphia University.(REEBOK)

Former Bartram forward Mike Watkins confirmed Wednesday that he is now enrolled at Math, Civics & Sciences. The 6-foot-8, 210-pound Watkins is one of more than 100 top high school prospects competing in the Reebok Classic Breakout this week, a scholastic showcase, at Philadelphia University.

Watkins, who gave an oral commitment to Penn State in June, said his enrollment at Math, Civics & Sciences became official on Monday. He'll join a Mighty Elephants squad that finished 26-3 last season.

Watkins is rated three stars by ESPN. The 17-year-old will have junior eligibility at MCS.

Charles Jones, a former Bartram player, has guided Watkins, and together the two felt MCS would be a better fit. Watkins said he'd struggled to maintain his academic eligibility at Bartram and anticipates a more productive environment at MCS.

"I'm in a better place with better students," Watkins said. "Classes I was in [at Bartram], all they did was make noise. It was a distraction. I couldn't focus."