Special moment for Bensalem's Kevin Grow

Bensalem's Kevin Grow

John Mullin stood near the Bensalem bench on Saturday afternoon and placed his hands on his head.
It was all the boys’ basketball coach said he could do.

The Owls team manager, Kevin Grow — an 18-year-old student who has Down syndrome — was knocking down three-pointer after three-pointer as Bensalem finished off Neshaminy, 64-40, in a Suburban One National game.

And Mullin said “it felt like a movie.”

Grow, in his fourth-year as manager, played his first game a night earlier, hitting a foul shot before sinking a fastbreak layup. Video of the layup spread through social media and was played on a local newscast.

By the start of Saturday’s afternoon game, the gym was packed to see Grow on Senior Day.

He came off the bench with two minutes left and knocked down four of his five three-pointers from the top of the key.

Grow finished with a game-high 14 points. His last three came just before the final buzzer and Grow’s teammates mobbed him.

“It’s tough to describe. It really is,” Mullin said. “It’s one of those things that doesn’t happen often.”
Grow worked on his three-point shot during Bensalem’s practices this season. And the Owls do not end practice until Grow hits a free throw.

“He's a gift from God — he really is,” Mullin said.