Win Big Five basketball tickets!!

We have two ways for you to win Big Five basketball tickets this month.

No. 1 -- Submit your videos to our Video Vault on the Rally home page. Check out Mark Goldstein's great video about Lower Moreland football for some ideas. Yours can be shorter. But be creative. After you submit the video, alert Gary Miles at with your phone number and when you can pick up the tickets at The Inquirer.

No. 2 -- Send your one best suggestion for a new Rally feature  to Gary Miles at Include your phone number and when you can stop by The Inquirer to pick up the tickets.

First batch of tickets
Jan. 13: Temple-Penn
Jan. 25: Penn vs. St. Joe’s
Feb. 13: Penn vs. Columbia
Feb. 20: Penn vs Yale.
Jan. 29: Penn women  vs. Yale
Feb. 26: Penn womens vs. Columbia.

Go for it. All you need is a little creativity.

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