Bill Iezzi: Field Hockey Officials

This morning, Thursday, Oct. 29, I had to scramble to find a field hockey game to cover. Joe Galliera, Kingsway's athletic director, told me the West Deptford at Kingsway game had been cancelled due to poor field conditions and the lack of officials available to work the game another day.

I called the assigner of officials, who said she has 118 officials at her disposal. However, maybe 60 to 70 are qualified to work varsity games, 10 are out injured, some are on vacation and there are lots of postseason tournament games being played.

When I returned from the Gloucester Catholic - Audubon game I found a message from Galliera on my voice mail. He said the assigner found officials to work the game tomorrow, Friday, at 4 p.m. at Kingsway.

I wouldn't want to be a field hockey assigner.

By the way, Audubon won, 2-1, and will advance to the second round of the Central Jersey Group 1 tournament tomorrow, Friday, 4 p.m. at Kingsway.

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