Matt Gelb: Still no verdict for suspended Villa Joseph Marie-Strath Haven game

District One officials are still gathering information and a decision has yet to be made regarding the status of Monday's suspended girls' soccer game between Villa Joseph Marie and Strath Haven.

Bob Ruoff, chairman of District One, said he is still awaiting statements from the officials at the game and representatives from both schools. 

Ruoff said he expects to make a decision early next week.

The game was suspended after a Villa Joseph Marie player was injured and there was no trainer on site. Jems coach Rich Finneyfrock protested playing the remainder of the game and the referees decided to suspend it with just over three minutes left in the first half.

PIAA rules, however, do not require the home team to provide a certified athletic trainer. A PIAA representative said going by the rules, the game should result in a forfeit for Villa Joseph Marie.

Ruoff said there could be a hearing on the matter.

"If peoples' perceptions differ greatly," Ruoff said, "that may cause a hearing."

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