Phil Anastasia: State title games in football inch closer to goal line

The NJSIAA's executive committee today OK'd a change to the organization's constitution that will allow for state title games in public school football.

Bascially, the committee crossed out a line in the constitution that prohibits title games in football, but no other sport.

Now, the legislation must be approved by two-thirds of the general membership at the December meeting. That's going to be tough because there's resistance out there to extending the season and marginalizing the Thanksgiving Day games.

But the prosposal has a chance. If two-thirds of the general membership approve the constitutional change, state title games in football could be held at the end of the 2013 season.

There's a lot of support for this measure among football coaches and athletic directors. But the romance of the Thanksgiving Day rivalries for many school districts could be too much for supporters to overcome.

We'll see. If I had a vote, as much as I enjoy Thanksgiving Day football, I'd vote for state finals in football. It's incredible to me that every other high school athlete in New Jersey gets to play for a state title except public-school football players.

And there are more of them than any other type of athlete.

-- Phil Anastasia