Bill Iezzi: Another 1,000-Match Winner

When I sat next to Inquirer columnist Phil Anastasia at the press table Wednesday night to watch host Paulsboro win the program's 1,000th wrestling match, I thought the Red Raiders would be only the second team to accomplish that feat. However, Phil said he'd found a California team that'd done it in January.

I googled Vacaville (Vaca means cow in Spanish) High and discovered, in a story posted by The Reporter on Jan. 25, that the Bulldogs had won the program's 1,000th match with a 30-24 win over De La Salle of Concord.

The funny thing about that story is that the Vacaville coach, Clint Birch, wondered whether another team in the country had won a thousand.

Yes, Clint, your program was not the first. That was Granite City, Ill. on Feb. 10, 1998. 

Phil and I settled on writing that Paulsboro was the first team on the East Coast to win 1,000 matches and third in  the nation.

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