Bill Iezzi: Field Hockey Brackets

Today (Oct. 28) I spoke with the NJSIAA's Kim Cole, who has replaced retired Carol Parsons and handles field hockey matters.Cole said that you will see eight teams in brackets instead of 16 for most South Jersey and Central Jersey Groups because the Field Hockey Committee last December decided that the open tournament, in which every team was allowed to participate regardless of record, was not positive or productive.The committee recommended the change and the NJSIAA adopted it for this season."We seeded only to eight teams because there were too many lopsided games and it was difficult to get quality officials, but the main reason was the lopsided games," Cole said."If there were less than eight teams with .500 records [or better], only eight got in.     "If there were eight with a .500 or better record and other teams with less than a .500 record who wanted in, we extended the bracket. We allowed others in who said they wanted to do that in order of winning percentage"All of the Groups in the area have eight teams except one, Central Jersey Group 1, in which there are 12 teams. Therefore, the tournament started with Round 1 at the higher seed on Oct. 28 and the quarterfinals are scheduled to begin on Nov. 1. New Egypt, the top seed, drew a bye.     

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