Eastern's New Field Hockey Assistant

Maybe the next best thing to having a Dawson sister on your field hockey team is to have someone who played with one of the siblings. Eastern coach Danyle Heilig has welcomed new assistant coach Catherine Badolato, a midfielder who played with two of the Dawsons: Sarah and Rachel, who graduated in 2001 and 2004 respectively.Heilig last season said goodbye to Melanie, the last of the six inspirational Dawson sisters, who played for the Vikings for more than a decade. "The fact that they grew up together and pushed each other as friends and family made them special," said Badolato, a 2004 graduate who grew up in the same Berlin neighborhood as the Dawsons. "And those girls have a work ethic...they put their heart and head into the sport."The Dawsons were known for firing up the teams on which they played. They dod so with emotion and stick skills."That example and fire are no longer there, but I think the girls see that missing and they want to step up more," Badolato said."The Dawson support will be there. Here and there they will come to a game."

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