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POSTED: Thursday, March 22, 2012, 6:03 PM

Kids are so much fun, but figuring out how to entertain them can perplex even the most creative parents.

One West Philadelphia parent filled daughter Zora's days recently by visiting every playground near their house for 31 days straight, on playground for every day in January, and writing about it at http://zoraplays.com/

Read it and find out which playgrounds have monkey bars, which might be a good spot for a family reunion and which have a lot of trash.

POSTED: Monday, March 19, 2012, 11:51 AM

Got an idea that could educate kids and make you a little money? Then get your application in to Philly Supporting Entrepreneurship in Education, or Philly SEED, to compete to win up to $5,000 for your idea.

Applications are due TODAY for the March 28 competition. More info. here.

POSTED: Monday, March 12, 2012, 12:47 PM

Let's rip this Band-Aid right off: We looked at houses in the Lower Merion School District this weekend. We still want to stay in the city, but when a friend sent us a listing for a $250,000 house in Bala Cynwyd, we gave into temptation and looked.

A much smaller mortgage and a stellar school district? For that, we might tolerate a commute.

Predictably, the house was too small, with a layout that not even our most creative sides could envision transforming into something appealing. The Realtor also showed us a nearby house for $389,900. That one was beautiful, and we could have moved into it tomorrow.

POSTED: Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 8:03 PM

In many parts of the city, parents of public-school students are looking for new ways to raise money for their children's educations, knowing that Harrisburg is likely to continue cutting funds.

At Bache-Martin Elementary, parents are hoping beauty will send a few dollars their way. The Home and School Association there has partnered with neighborhood beauty salons, which have agreed to donate a portion of their March proceeds to help Bache-Martin keep art, music, recess and afterschool programming.

Participating salons include the Beehive, Emerald Cutz, Shear Excellence Barber/Beauty Shop, Sulimay's Hair Design, and SNIP. To see their specific offers, go here.

POSTED: Monday, March 5, 2012, 9:57 AM

About two years ago, a friend suggested I to to a meeting about how parents were working to improve Bache-Martin Elementary, which serves the Fairmount and Francisville neighborhoods.

I don't live within the Bache boundaries and knew nothing about the school but went anyway. I was pleasantly surprised. It turns out that my son has a pretty good chance of getting into Bache because they have extra space. The school also has relatively small class sizes and violin for kindergardeners.

Suddenly, public school seemed like a real option. Tomorrow, a group of West Philadelphia schools, including Henry C. Lea, Penn Alexander, and Samuel Powel, opens their doors to parents interested in kindergarden. I know, I know. You think district schools are a disaster - and some of them are. But unless you already have decided where you are sending your child for kindergarden, you owe it to your family to check it out.

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