Halloween in Philly - minus the cavities

If Halloween leaves you wondering whether all that trick-or-treating merely guarantees your child a lifetime of cavities, here's a chance to make the holiday a little more fun and nutritious.

Spring Garden resident Noam Kugelmass has created a character, Mr. Halloweenster, who teaches kids that there is more to Halloween than Snickers Bars and Jolly Joes. Mr. Halloweenster - video here, web site here - rescues the kids from an evil candy maker and helps them create fun costumes.


He's an animated character, but like Mickey Mouse and others before him, Mr. Halloweenster appears in person. He'll take part in a Halloween event at Smith Playground Saturday Oct. 27. More information on that here.

Mr. Halloweenster came alive shortly after Kugelmass read about research showing that role models and heroes  can influence what kids eat.