Play and Learn

Parents can make themselves nuts trying to figure out what kind of education a child needs. In the scrum of information about test scores, single-sex education, public vs. private, there is one basic principle that parents should try to incorporate, said Tara Martello. She's the mother of a toddler and an occupational therapist who just opened Grow Thru Play, a new Graduate Hospotal spot offering occupational and physical therapy for children, as well as play-based programs.

“I think as a country, we are just off base with what we are doing to our children,” Martello said. “There is not enough play. I see more and more children who can’t come up with things, ideas. We instruct everything. We bombard them.”

In addition to therapy, Grow Thru Play, at 1636 South Street,  offers open play time and classes on handwriting and other activities that many children find challenging. Some schools no longer teach handwriting, but Martello believes it’s a crucial skill that helps children improve sensory skills and do better in school.

If you suspect your child needs some help, or if you’re just looking for an indoor spot to play, you can find more information at