A Head Start on the School Search

Many of you probably already know about PhillySchoolSearch, the blog by Philadelphia parent Len Lipkin about finding a school for your child. But whether you are familiar with the blog or not, try to find time to hear Lipkin speak at 6 p.m. Thursday Oct. 27 at  Congregation Rodeph Shalom, 615 North Broad Street.

More information here. It costs $10, but I found the amount well worth it when I went to a talk by Lipkin several months ago. Although I already knew a lot about the school search, Lipkin's advice taught me a few new important things.

He urged those who attended to have "the talk" with their spouses about school. I thought I'd already done that, but I heeded Lipkin's advice, went home and told my husband we needed to talk about what we wanted in a school for our child. It turned out that my husband is a lot less interested in paying private-school tuition than I am. I had sort of assumed that if we weren't happy with our Philadelphia public school, we'd simply send our son to a private or parochial school in the city. My husband said we should also consider moving to a district where schools are better - and tuition is still zero.

So now I've added suburbs to the long list of what seem like exhausting options. But I feel a lot better knowing that now instead of finding it out later.