Velma spreads her wings

Runway models
Betsy and Velma make their way through the impressive lineup of planes at the Dover air museum. I call this Velma's "runway model" shot, though I know it's really called a tarmac.

We try to be creative in taking our pups to places that may be new and unfamiliar to them. Before Velma went back to the Seeing Eye in fall 2009, we took her to the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

We walked her around inside the museum and then weaved our way among the planes parked outside. Some of them, such as the giant C-141 Starlifter, were open for boarding, so we walked Velma right on through.  I considered, too, that the person who ultimately gets the puppy as a trained Seeing Eye dog might be doing some air travel, so it would be a good idea to accustom her to walking in and around big airplanes. 

She didn't show any hesitation or nervousness and definitely enjoyed her afternoon at this wonderful aircraft museum. The green vest she's wearing signifies that she has passed certain tests in her training with us. It was awarded to her by the Seeing Eye area coordinator at one of our monthly puppy-raiser training meetings.

After leaving Dover, we drove on to Rehoboth Beach, where Velma strolled up and down the lively main drag, and we all later relaxed on the outdoor patio of the Dogfish Head brew pub. We carry a backpack with the pup's food and water on these trips, so Velma ate her dinner and took a well-deserved snooze in the shade before the long drive back home.