Sparkle drops in at school

Blog Image 892344 - Carter
Many hands reach out to Sparkle during our classroom visit. It was great exposure for her to meet the curious children and their teachers.

Proper socialization is the linchpin of Sparkle's education, so what better place to visit than our son's pre-kindergarten class on the last day of school. We got  advance approval from the principal and brought Sparkle in through a side door so as not to provoke a general uproar by walking her down a main hallway.

Sparkle was polite and well-behaved, and the children were thrilled to see a pup in their midst. Daughter Betsy and I fielded some questions about raising Seeing Eye pups, wished everyone a great summer, then slipped back out and walked around the outside of the building to the principal's office to say thanks.

While Seeing Eye dogs in harness are allowed by the federal Disabilities Act to go anywhere that's open to the public, we depend on courtesy to afford us access. We've rarely been turned away from entering a store or other public place. Thank you to everyone who makes us feel welcome!