Sparkle aces her vet exam

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Before going in to see the doctor, Sparkle weighs in. She's looking up at the scale's digital readout, which says 27.2 pounds. By comparison, at age 6.5 weeks, she weighed just 9.2 pounds. She's rather petite for her breed, but she will not be a small dog by any measure.

Sparkle went in Thursday morning for her fourth vet visit since she came to stay with us, and she made it look so easy. The Seeing Eye gives each puppy-raiser a Puppy Vaccination and Health Record, which lists each date that the puppy should go to the vet and which inoculations are to be given. We follow this schedule precisely and also administer flea/tick and heartworm preventer monthly.

The Seeing Eye pays all the pup's vet bills as well as giving us a stipend for her Iams puppy food. Good thing! Sparkle is one voracious little chowhound.

We've been going to the same veterinary practice, Bethel Mill Animal Hospital in Sewell, N.J.,  for about a decade. The doctors there have seen to all three of our Seeing Eye pups, as well as our personal pets. Dr. Rebecca Fulton, one of three veterinarians at Bethel Mill, has been looking after Sparkle for us. She graciously allowed me to photograph Sparkle during her latest exam.

Dr. Fulton, a graduate of Penn's veterinary school,  breeds and shows AKC bullmastiffs. She also owns V-Crest, a canine rehabilitation and therapy facility.  To check out her services, go to

Now let's watch Dr. Fulton and doctor assistant Brad Tedor in action.