Meet Sparkle's mom

Blog Image 892344 - Carter
In a photo courtesy of the Seeing Eye, Velma is sitting in the tub in which the pups are carried for weighing every day for the first two weeks of their lives. Her human caregiver thought that maybe she was wondering where those pups go in the tub, and if she got in, she could find out for herself.

Velma, seen here a few months back at the Seeing Eye puppy nursery with the litter that includes Sparkle, is a great mom, we've been told. We're not at all surprised. We raised Velma from when she was seven weeks old until she returned to the Seeing Eye for training. She did so well she was selected for the Seeing Eye's prestigious breeding program. Velma's dad is a golden retriever and her mom is a Labrador, giving her the best traits of both breeds. She's kind, unflappable, eager to please, and has that "Velcro dog" quality that goldens are treasured for. (When she's next to you, she sticks by so close she's like Velcro.)