Joyous homecoming

Puppy Steps is still in a bit of a hiatus, with Sparkle having embarked on her new career as a Seeing Eye dog and Betsy in her second semester at college. We did host a Seeing Eye puppy for two weeks over the holidays, as our puppy-raiser friends Jordan and Danielle went on vacation. It was great having Destiny  (a beautiful lab-golden cross) with us, especially since Betsy was home on Christmas break and we could take long walks with the three dogs -- Porter, Velma and Destiny.

One bit of news: You may remember Vinson, the puppy being raised by a Seeing Eye employee, Ryan, and his wife, Sarah.  Ryan has been doing a blog on Vinson, parallel time-wise with my Puppy Steps blog. Ryan recently posted that after several months of evaluation and further training, it was decided that Vinson's distractability issues were too great and that he would not be a Seeing Eye dog.  So just as with our first pup, Porter, Vinson has come home for good, adopted by his puppy-raisers.

I know from our experience that Ryan and Sarah have gained a superb companion! Congratulations on the new family member! Click on the link to his blog for details of the Vinson finale.