Puppies dream big, too

When I heard the other day that astronaut Neil Armstrong had passed away at age 82, I thought of our wonderful visit to Purdue University last summer and Sparkle's pictures with his statue. I remembered that adoring look she gave him, and how she is right now taking many, many small steps herself to become a Seeing Eye dog and change someone's life for the better.

Very soon, next month, she will be taking her Town Walk and then will be matched with her new owner. No giant leaps for Sparkle, just moving steadily forward in the leather harness. I'll keep you posted.

Here's a curious footnote: My wife's college friend we stayed with at Purdue is married to a university firefighter.  The morning that Neil Armstrong died, the fire alarms went off in the Neil Armstrong Engineering Building. When firefighters responded, there was no fire.  Later, the alarm was attributed to an internal electrical short.  Cause unknown.

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