Viola needs our help!

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Here's our Viola at the Wheaton Village "Paws for Art Day" in the spring with a young German shepherd colleague.

The Hero Dog Award is down to its final two days, and at last count, Viola the Seeing Eye dog had slipped to second place!

Viola is the recently retired guide dog for my friend and fellow puppy-raiser Jordan Ortiz.  Jordan attended all four years at Rowan University with Viola, and the adorable golden retriever was at her side when she graduated. Jordan, who now works at Rowan, has a new Seeing Eye dog named Hilton, and Viola lives with them as their treasured companion.

Here's a  great article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explaining all about Jordan, her best friend Danielle Larsen, and Viola.  If Viola wins, the Seeing Eye gets a $5,000 donation for its amazing mission.

The polls close on Saturday so time is of the essence. To vote for Viola, follow this link:

Tip: You can vote from multiple e-mail addresses and once every 24 hours from the same address. Also, you have to check out the cute picture there of a proud Viola wearing a graduation gown! 

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