A slimmed-down Lab

Sparkle (left) and Porter relax after a backyard play session earlier this week. As you can see, Porter is one slimmed down and happy Lab.

Porter, our former Seeing Eye pup and close companion to Sparkle, has had a weight problem for years. At his previous check-up a year ago, his weight had ballooned to a scary 91 pounds. So it was a happy surprise last week when he weighed in at a svelte 74 pounds! I knew he had been slimming down, but I was truly impressed at how much he'd lost.

No doubt it's largely from trying to keep up with Sparkle, our frisky Seeing Eye pup. They romp and play and chase each other every day, and we've been taking long neighborhood walks every morning throughout this blessedly mild winter. We've also had better success in keeping Porter from swiping the people food.

It's great to see a dog who's about to turn 8 in May so energetic and happy, thanks to our girl Sparkle.