Pups in the fast lane

We took Sparkle bowling Sunday afternoon (actually Betsy bowled and I handled pup and camera). It's a regular outing for the puppy club, and we all had a fun time. Betsy had been once before with the pups; this was my first time.

 As we entered, amid a tight crowd, Sparkle was overexcited and trying to jump on people. I'm working to bring her into public places deliberately and carefully, making her sit while I open the door and keeping her on a tight leash. Still, her behavior when we arrive at public places is pretty much over-the-top.

After we found our lane and got together with the group of about a dozen other pups, Sparkle began to settle down quite nicely. The bowling itself went great. She wasn't scared of any of the noise and didn't try to run after the ball or people who were bowling.

We stayed about 90 minutes, cutting out a little early because Betsy had to go to work. That was plenty of time, though, for some great puppy socialization.