Saturday, August 30, 2014
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A sweet card from Sparkle's mom

Velma, our previous Seeing Eye pup and Sparkle's mom, drops us a line, with a picture of her and the newest kids.

A sweet card from Sparkle's mom

Velma looks like she has quite a job to do, with 10 hungry little pups crowding in for dinner. Daughter Sparkle says "hi!" (Photo courtesy of the Seeing Eye)
Velma looks like she has quite a job to do, with 10 hungry little pups crowding in for dinner. Daughter Sparkle says "hi!" (Photo courtesy of the Seeing Eye)

We got a wonderful surprise treat in the mail yesterday. Sparkle's mom, Velma, sent us a handwritten card and picture of her with her new litter of 10 pups!

Velma, as you may recall, was our previous Seeing Eye pup who did so well when she went back for training that she was selected for the elite breeding program. Here is Velma's note:

"Hello Family!
I'm a mom again -- this time with 10 (triple-underlined) puppies! The dad is a handsome young black Lab named Frank. There are 4 boys and 6 girls. Ten pups keep me busy, but I so love being a mom! And I get to play with some puppy toys with them which is fun! When I'm not being a mom here, I enjoy my walks and always (underlined) free play time with stuffed toys!! Hope you don't miss me too much.


Well, we certainly do miss Velma, but are so proud of her. Bringing 10 potential Seeing Eye dogs into the world is quite an achievement! We're hoping to adopt Velma when she finishes her mom mission at the Seeing Eye, but she may be called upon for guide dog duty even then. We'll welcome her with hugs and open arms if she does come back to us.

And many thanks, of course, to the Seeing Eye employee who put Velma's thoughts to paper in such beautiful handwriting! I loved the little heart at the end next to Velma's signature.

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