Happy birthday, Sparkle!

It was a grand milestone for Sparkle today: She turned 1 year old. We didn't have cake or dog biscuits or any big celebration, but I did get her to pause for a snapshot. Actually, it was about 20 shots, until I finally got one where she was sitting still and the crown was perched on her head. (No Photoshopping required.) Actually, she was very well-behaved, mostly just acting a little bored. Ernie the cat got into the act, too, perching on the arm of the couch and trying his best to distract the pup. His curiosity was piqued by the whole spectacle. After the shoot, we went out in the soggy backyard with Porter and played a rowdy, windy fetch-the-tire game for 10 minutes.

The crown owes to a bit of recycling. Josh's fifth birthday was Sunday, so I took his crown and taped on a large pink Post-It note with Sparkle's name. (You can still see the "5" on it.)  I actually went to the pet-supply store around the corner and asked if they had any "dog-party hats."  They didn't, but it reminded me of the wonderful children's book "Go Dog Go!," which has been making me smile now for over 50 years. The book ("do you like my hat?") ends with a festive dog party in a tall tree.

Blog Image 892344 - Carter
Here's the Birthday Girl herself, modeling Josh's birthday hat. She was a real trouper to stand still for it. That in itself is testament to how she's calmed down. A few months ago, she would have probably mauled the hat before I got the picture.

Another birthday of note: Vinson, the blogging pup being raised at the Seeing Eye offices, turned 11 months today.   Happy birthday, Vinson! 

It's been quite a year for Sparkle. She came to us early last spring as a tiny pup, and now after many adventures, is just a few short months from returning to Morristown for formal training as a Seeing Eye dog. She's confident, increasingly obedient, and doing great on our walks. She doesn't know it, but her puppy days are rapidly drawing to a climax. I'll keep you posted as we turn into the final stretch with Sparkle!