Follow the bouncing ball

Here’s Sparkle proudly posing for her Rowan fans. (Photos courtesy of Danielle Larsen)

The puppy club was going on an outing to Rowan University for a basketball game. Betsy and I were both booked up, but Sparkle was available for the evening. Luckily, a fellow club member was able to swing by and pick Sparkle up so she could join in the fun. Thanks, Nancy!

Sparkle and the other pups were well-behaved and had a great time, I'm told. I took Velma, Sparkle's mom, to a game at Rowan a few years ago and  remember how the pups just sat so attentively and watched the ball bounce back and forth, back and forth. The pups looked like bobbleheads as they swiveled to follow the action.  They didn't seem to pay much attention to the players, just kept their eyes on the ball.

This game had a better ending than the one we went to with Velma. Rowan lost that one, but  the home team won decisively last week, 74-58.