Sunny stroll in Wenonah

Before running in for my Friday afternoon shift at The Inquirer, I made a quick trip to the bank drive-thru, and came away with an extra-friendly smile from the teller and a treat for Sparkle. She's a real goodwill ambassador, even just resting contentedly in her usual spot on the floor of the backseat.  I'm trying harder to include Sparkle when I'm running everyday errands, because that will be a big part of her life as a Seeing Eye dog.

I then drove on to the quaint little town of Wenonah, N.J., which is a perfect kind of place to walk a Seeing Eye pup. There's traffic, but not too much, and there are wide, well-marked crosswalks. There are also some small shops to walk past, a park right in the center of town, and some wooded nature trails within walking distance. A visit to the train station, even though there isn't any passenger service (yet), is also a good exposure for the pups. I took Velma to Wenonah a couple of times and always found it a refreshing place to stroll around and admire the beautiful old houses.

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