Taking a pass on fright night

After the jolly Halloween puppy party, it occurred to me that I should give a  word of advice about the holiday.  The Seeing Eye does not want us to dress the pups up and take them along for trick-or-treating. I know the idea sounds really cute, but all the costumes, general confusion and fluttering, vivid outdoor decorations could really scare or confuse any dog - not just a young pup.

In addition to possibly traumatizing a dog, all that commotion and the scary costumes could even lead to a person or another dog getting nipped. You never know what a usually placid dog is capable of when it is freaked out.

Blog Image 892344 - Carter
She may be the life of the costume party, but Sparkle is going to sit out trick-or-treating securely in her crate.

Not only do I keep our three dogs in the house, but I crate them or gate them off in the back of the house away from the front door. The last thing I want is them rushing the door every time they hear the bell ring and go piling out on the porch when we open the door to hand out treats.

As for the kiddie treats, you don't want your dog anywhere near them. Chocolate is toxic for dogs. A child could try to hand your dog candy or the dog could snatch it out of his or her hand, with the obvious risks in that. 

I've noticed that our Seeing Eye pups get very leery on our regular walks when they pass yards that have been imaginatively decorated, particularly if there is a fake corpse swinging from a tree in the front yard or a huge inflatable with an air compressor running. (They must be out of fashion this year because I haven't seen them around the neighborhood.)

Enjoy the holiday, but best to leave your pooch securely at home.