Through a guide dog's eyes

Since I started Puppy Steps last spring, we've seen the action  from the puppy raiser's viewpoint. Last week, I introduced Mariea, who recently completed training with her fourth guide dog and has already returned home. Her blog My Fourth Guide Dog describes day by day what it's like to train with a Seeing Eye dog.  

Now, in an adorable video from the Seeing Eye's seeing4me YouTube channel, we can follow Garcia the guide dog with a "GoPro Hero camera custom-mounted on Garcia's harness," as the Seeing Eye describes it.  Garcia is the guide dog for an employee at the Seeing Eye's campus in Morristown, N.J., and frequently appears on the Seeing Eye's own puppy blog Raising a Seeing Eye Puppy that features the adventures of young Vinson.

If this doesn't make you smile ...