Puppy Halloween party

Blog Image 892344 - Carter
Sparkle relaxes with a kitty cat on her back. The costume was too small. I think we bought it too far ahead of time, and she grew in the meantime. Anyway, at least it's not the proverbial monkey on her back.

Sparkle had a blast at this week's puppy-raising Halloween party. Most of the pups came in costume. Sparkle was in a cat-suit a couple sizes too small.

After the obedience training circle and the regular business meeting, the pups engaged in some lively competition -- bobbing for tennis balls. Two pups squared off against each other at a time, and the first to retrieve the ball from a plastic bucket full of water was the winner and went on to the next round. Sparkle made it to the finals, where several pups competed side-by-side.

It was a fun evening, with plenty of laughs all around. The humans enjoyed cider, soft drinks and various sweet treats. No people treats for the pups, of course. That's a Seeing Eye rule we all live by (except when the pups pilfer what they can on the sly).