Sparkle rides the rails

On a recent Sunday afternoon, we joined the puppy-raiser club on an excursion on the Wilmington & Western Railroad  in Delaware that was great fun for everyone as well as solid exposure for the Seeing Eye pups. 

Sparkle enjoyed the leisurely ride through the leafy countryside and behaved well. Some of the pups were a bit balky about climbing on and off the train and needed some encouragement. Sparkle went down carefully and smoothly, but getting back on after our half-hour picnic break at Mount Cuba, she made a huge leap up the stairs.

She had no problems walking through the crowded train station and meeting up with the other pups.  

Medical update: She's doing much better after her dog bite last week. Tomorrow morning, I take her back to the vet to have the stitch in her nose removed and get her rechecked. I'm hoping this one bad encounter doesn't make her skittish around other dogs. She raised quite a barking ruckus the other day when we walked past a yard where a docile old Lab was sitting out front.