Convalescing at home

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Wearing an Elizabethan cone collar, Sparkle sleeps soundly amid Josh's toys and books after coming home from her surgery. Incidentally, the collar, which is used to prevent dogs and cats from biting or scratching at their wounds, was featured in the Pixar movie "Up" as the "cone of shame" used to humiliate a dog.

After Sparkle  got bitten through the backyard fence by a dog visiting next door Sunday evening, we whisked her over to the emergency vet and had her lip sutured. (If you are a pet owner, it's prudent to know ahead where the nearest 24/7 vet hospital is and to keep the phone number handy.)

Unfortunately, Sparkle's sutures pulled out a day later. A decision had to be made. Would the vet make another try?  Cathy and Betsy e-mailed photos of the wound to the Seeing Eye, and the staff veterinarians studied the close-ups before deciding that a re-suturing would be too difficult and prone to failure. It will be allowed to heal by itself.

This morning, I took Sparkle back to the local vet and had the remains of the sutures removed. She still has a suture on her nose, so we'll be going back next week to have that removed, and she is still wearing the clunky Elizabethan cone collar.  She'll be taking it easy the next week, and hopefully, when we go back out with her, she'll still be the same confident, eager pup.   

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