Sparkle goes to the emergency vet

On Sunday afternoon, we went on a relaxing train excursion in Delaware with the puppy club (more on that later) and were puttering around after dinner in the backyard. Our next-door neighbor was having some friends over. Unbeknownst to us, a large dog from down the street was turned out in his backyard. Sparkle went over to the fence line, to say hi presumably, and let out a sharp yelp of pain. I looked over to see her running back toward the house, trembling with fear.

A quick examination revealed she had blood in her mouth, and her lip was split from her nose down to her mouth. We called a nearby 24/7 vet clinic and got her over there quickly. The vet checked her out, stitched her lip, and kept her overnight.

  She seemed to be coping OK with the recovery, wearing one of those clunky halo collars that dogs hate so much, but this morning I noticed that the stitches had come free. I drove her back over to the vet, and she confirmed that the stitches had pulled free through the skin.  

The Seeing Eye has its own veterinarians, who are now studying the situation after we e-mailed photos of the injury to them. Sparkle is in no danger. She's not bleeding and her temperature is normal, and she is on meds. 

It's been a tense and stressful last two days.  

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