Sparkle's college swing: Purdue

On our trip to the Midwest last week (well-timed: we missed an earthquake and a hurricane), we stopped in at Cathy's alma mater, Purdue University, and visited old friends. Betsy, a high school senior, is touring colleges, and Sparkle is along for the ride.

Sparkle got in a wide-ranging tour of the sprawling campus, and with school back in session, there was plenty of hustle and bustle.  She handled it all with grace and good humor. She went through the bookstore, football stadium and athletic center, and we ate lunch at outdoor tables while she quietly relaxed at our feet. We made sure she had plenty of fresh water, of course.

It was a beautifully clear and mild late-summer day, perfect for just strolling the campus and taking in all the sights and sounds (including a marching band in full swing).  Outside the Neil Armstrong Hall of  Engineering, Sparkle seemed to really hit it off with the big man on campus himself.  An even bigger man, of course, was the Purdue Boilermaker statue.

Leaving West Lafayette, we pointed the GPS toward our hotel in Chicago's northwest suburbs and  marveled at the hundreds of windmills before we pulled onto I-65.  Our next college destination: Northwestern University.

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