Sparkle's cool summer vacation

Blog Image 892344 - Carter
Sparkle takes a cool dip in the pond and makes quite a splash for herself. She's a bit cautious with the water, and we're not pushing her if she wants to stay out of the deep end.

Joining the family on a trip to southern Indiana, Sparkle takes to the water (a bit gingerly) and hangs out with Duke, the resident yellow Lab at the cousins' place.

Sparkle did superbly on the long drive out and has been enjoying the chance to go off-leash on some great romps with Duke. She also really enjoys riding in the big four-wheel-drive Ford pickup (upfront, of course!) while Duke can just hop in the back country-style.

It's great exposure for Sparkle as she swims in a pond and then walks with us along a rocky creek. It's been much drier in the Midwest than around Philly, so the creek is very low and we can walk from rock to rock while Sparkle and Duke wade through the shallow pools. This is what summer is all about!

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