Another puppy gate-crasher

Blog Image 892344 - Carter
This young golden retriever, going after the cat food, just punched right on through the baby gate. Unlike Sparkle, who went over in a huge leap, this guy took the brute-strength route. (Photo courtesy of Robin Brelsford.)

In a recent post, I told how Sparkle leaped high over the puppy gate to steal old Timber's dinner. This eager young golden retriever is being raised by a friend of ours in the local puppy-raising club. She explained that she had cut a small hole in the mesh so the cat could get through. But the pup just pushed his head and body right on through the impossibly small hole. As you can see, Robin caught him in the act!

In a related note, Porter just swiped a freshly baked loaf of pumpkin bread off the kitchen counter this morning, and Sparkle's piercing, insistent bark brought me quickly to the scene, in time to save two other loaves (although one was already in pieces on the floor). Luckily, Sparkle was securely in her crate at the time and could not join in the feeding frenzy. But she certainly wanted to!

Also, if you have any questions or observations about raising Seeing Eye puppies, I encourage you to post a comment.  For questions I may not be able to answer immediately, I can contact the Seeing Eye and get back to you.       

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