Puppy feeding frenzy

Sparkle's a pretty sensible pup for the most part, but when food enters the equation, she just plain loses her mind. She leaps wildly in every direction, barks, whines, and tries to get the food any way she can. I'm always trying to stay a step ahead, shutting the baby gate to the kitchen so that she's on one side and the other two dogs are on the other. She's been known to gobble up her food and then try to poach the other dogs' portions before they can finish. When she barrels in face-first, they wisely move aside.

This video shows how we are able to control the chaos by keeping her in check until the food and bowl are securely on the floor. This was  taken two weeks ago, and she's eating lunch. We've since reduced her meals to two a day, according to the Seeing Eye guidelines.