Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Werner Herzog makes texting and driving up front and personal

Most people know that texting while driving is illegal and unsafe, but they do it anyway. Perhaps the collection of haunting narratives in the film 'From One Second to the Next' will have an impact.

Werner Herzog makes texting and driving up front and personal

An image from Werner Herzog´s "From One Second to the Next."<br />
An image from Werner Herzog's "From One Second to the Next."

As we discussed in a post last summer, texting while driving is illegal and unsafe—and most people know it but  still do it. We concluded that a moral appeal was needed to change the norms around texting and driving.

Acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog has answered our call. From One Second to the Next, Herzog’s new, brief, documentary about the issue, has become an internet sensation with nearly 2 million downloads in less than two weeks.

The collection of haunting narratives about the lives destroyed by people who were texting while driving is enough to make you think twice before pulling out the keypad, and maybe even condemn others who do.

The full, 35-minute film is embedded below, and linked here

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