Q&A with the authors of The Public's Health, on its first birthday

A series of posts examined research behind the ACE Pyramid - an illustration of how traumatic childhood experiences appear to build through a lifetime.

Don Sapatkin is the bicycle-commuting Inquirer public health reporter who edits The Public’s Health blog.

By Don Sapatkin

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on Wednesday posted an interesting interview with Michael Yudell and Jonathan Purtle, the experts behind The Public’s Health.

It has been a year since Michael and Jonathan launched the only blog at a major American newspaper (OK, a blog isn’t on paper but the organizational structure remains) that is devoted exclusively to public health.

Through their posts on issues ranging from the grownup effects of childhood trauma to anti-vaccination advocacy, too-easily-tipped soup cups, the unkown risks of hydrofracking, and perhaps the biggest – and, judging by the presidential campaign, most ignored – public health threat of our time, climate change, they have shown how that amorphous thing called public health is not only relevant but critical to our future.

Michael (faculty) and Jonathan (doctoral candidate), both at the Drexel University School of Public Health, presented this week at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in San Francisco, where they were interviewed by RWJF’s NewPublicHealth. It’s worth a read.

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