The Schuylkill 16 Week 13: Who's last?

Ryan Brooks is averaging 16 points and five rebounds per game this season for Temple. (Ron Cortes/Staff file photo)

First of all, you can follow tonight's games with our live scoreboards:

Duquesne at Temple
Richmond at Saint Joseph's
Penn State at Ohio State

Second, the Inquirer's Daily Sports Poll would like to know how far you think Villanova will go this season. I'm sure you'll vote early and often.

Given the high number of comments I get each week about Penn, I wondered if the Quakers' win at Brown over the weekend might bump them out of last place in this week's rankings.

But the Quakers remain firmly rooted to the floor. It's interesting, though, to see that Penn State got a last-place vote. The Nittany Lions have lost nine straight games, yet are ranked No. 116 in Pomeroy.

1. Villanova, 17 points (15 first-place vote)
- "Beat Georgetown on the road, and then Villanova can ask for my (fictional) vote for national #1. In the meantime, I'll stick with Kansas." (Brian O'Neill)

How far can Villanova go this season?

  • 21 (3.8%)
  • 30 (5.4%)
  • 86 (15.4%)
  • 194 (34.6%)
  • 45 (8.0%)
  • 184 (32.9%)
  • 560

2. Temple, 31 points (1 first-place vote)
- "It's gonna take a lot more than a loss to Charlotte drop them lower than 2. These teams stink!" (Nick Catrambone)

3. La Salle, 72 points

4. Drexel, 75 points
- "This is the week where I go Godzilla on my ballot. First building knocked down: Drexel moves up to 3." (Brian Ewart)
- "Chris Fouch is in fact the shooter they needed." (Rob Falcone)

5. Rutgers, 89 points
- "Yet another sign of how mediocre 3-16 are: I'm giving Rutgers the #3 after their recent two game win streak, which followed 9 straight losses. Next week's matchup against the Caldwell College Cougars should be epic." (Daniel Simpson Day)
- "I don't know which is more surprising, Rutgers winning back-to-back Big East games or the fact that this was good enough to earn fifth place in my poll." (Jon Solomon)
- "I'm devastated their run at 0-18 in the Big East is over. Is Notre Dame that bad?" (Nick Catrambone)

6. Princeton, 117 points
- "Princeton followed up an 'impressive' win against Goucher by knocking off Yale and Brown, which is also 'impressive,' I suppose." (Brian Ewart)
- " (Jeff Shafer)

7. Saint Joseph's, 119 points

Take a deep breath before reading this...

- Hey, Phil Martelli, maybe you shouldn't have let Jawan Carter transfer. I love how you if google " 'Jawan Carter' trasnfer" the only thing that comes up is a Tannenwald post from 2007. This goes to show you that: a) nobody dominates search engine optimization quite like my man Tannenwald; and b) no other media outlet cared about Jawan Carter transferring because both St. Joe's and Delaware stink. But the best part of that post is that the only comment is a guy named Rodney Govens who says that it isn't a big deal because St. Joe's still has Darrin Govens. If you're goal is to come off as a reasonable unbiased thinker when making a post about a relative, please use an alias so you maintain a little credibility. Just say your name is Nick Catrambone or something. I refuse to believe that an unrelated Govens thought that Jawan Carter transferring wouldn't hurt St. Joe's because of Darrin Govens. (Todd Falkenberg)

8. Rider, 123 points
- "Rider rode a couple more wins back to mediocrity in the MAAC, but didn't manage to ride anywhere on my ballot." (Brian Ewart)

9. Penn State, 132 points (1 last-place vote)
- "If you are wondering why I ranked Penn State dead last on my ballot, then you haven't been watching Nittany Lion basketball this year -- and nobody else is either." (Brian Ewart)
- "If Pitt joined the Big 10, at least there'd be one good basketball team from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in that league." (Mario Machi)

10. Lehigh, 158 points (1 last-place vote)
- "Note to Lehigh: It's very hard to win the Patriot League (and home-court in the tournament) with losses to Navy and Bucknell." (Brian O'Neill)

11. Lafayette, 162 points
- "I don't care if Lafayette is tied for the Patriot League lead. Losing to American should automatically disqualify you from a single-digit ranking in the Schuylkill 16." (Daniel Simpson Day)

12. Bucknell, 191 points
- "Break up the Bison! Three straight wins!" (Daniel Simpson Day)

13. Delaware, 206 points (1 last-place vote)
- "Looks like the battle of futility in the CAA could come down to the last game of the season against Towson. Riveting, isn't it?" (Nick Catrambone)

14. Delaware State, 211 points
- "Has a chance to move up to the top 14 next week if it keeps winning." (Mario Machi)

15. Monmouth, 224 points (2 last-place votes)
- "If Monmouth moves up in next week's poll, they can thank the NEC schedule makers for Bryant and FDU. What a gauntlet." (Daniel Simpson Day)

16. Penn, 249 points (11 last-place vote)
- "Had Zack Gordon hit the rim, there would not have been enough time for Dan Monckton's putback. I guess that's why Penn gave the last shot to a guy with no career 3's who was shooting 15% from the floor." (Max Wheeling)
- "Jerome Allen got his first Ivy league win as head coach. If he wins two or three more, the Quakers might pass a high school team for the last spot on my ballot." (Mario Machi)
- "Could Penn's 'controversial' last-second 'win' on Saturday portend doom for the Quakers? How well did it work out the last time they 'stole' something from Brown?" (Jeff Shafer)

I thought Brown stole Penn's mascot, not the other way around...


Neumann-Goretti High School
- "The Saints' only loss, to Yates (Houston), still looks good as Yates as risen to No. 3 in USA Today's boys basketball top 25." (Mario Machi)