The Schuylkill 16 2010-11: Week 2

I was in soccer mode for most of the day, so I wasn't able to get to this until early in the evening. Wednesday's games were not a factor in the voting, but all of Tuesday's games were.

1. Villanova, 26 points (12 first-place votes)
- "I am dropping Villanova because of where they placed Tannenwald on press row at the Pavilion for the BU game. He was sitting all the way in the corner." (Todd Falkenberg)

Thanks, though I honestly didn't mind. I'm usually at the other end of the floor, so this was a nice change of perspective.

- "Attention Nova Students: You embarrass me. Your showing at the Boston U game was pathetic. "Nova Nation"? You can't fill a 2,000 seat student section!" (Nick Catrambone)

The above was the start of a very long rant. The whole thing is at the bottom of the post.

2. Temple, 33 points (4 first-place votes)

3. Penn State, 75 points
- "JoePa announces he will be back for the 2011 season ... Ed DeChellis announces that he hopes to not get fired before the season ends." (Cory Marks)
- "If Penn State beats Ole Miss during football season - the night before the Egg Bowl, no less - will anyone in Oxford notice?" (Nick Catrambone)

4. La Salle, 88 points (1 first-place votes)
- "La Salle knocking off Providence is a bit more impressive than Princeton beating Rutgers, but was it impressive enough to warrant a second-place vote? Was last season's 12-18 record impressive enough to warrant my preseason 1st-place vote? Yes to both." (Brian Ewart)
- "Aaric Murray is a terrific player. He would remind me of a guy on St. Joe's if St. Joe's had anybody who could play." (Todd Falkenberg)

5. Drexel, 109 points
- "The Drexel trio of guards, Massenat, Fouch, and Thomas will be "sick-nasty" for the next three years" (Marshall Fleming)

6. Rider, 124 points (1 first-place vote)
- "Rider had the best week of any S16 team, winning four straight including two Red Line Upsets." (Jon Solomon)

If you don't know what a Red Line Upset is, click here.

- "Strong wins for Rider so far are enough for me to bump them up over Princeton for the top-team-in-New Jersey honors this week. The trophy is in the mail - it is filled with hair gel and self-tanner." (Brian Ewart)

7. Rutgers, 127 points
- "What does it mean when your basketball team gives up just 45 points to Miami yet your football team gives up 69 to Cincinnati on the same weekend? Well, obviously your football team is terrible." (Mario Machi)
- "Mike Rice is a good coach, right? So you have to think that Rutgers is 329th in the nation in possessions per game isn't an accident. That's not a good sign." (Nick Catrambone)

8. Princeton, 147 points
- "Big win over fellow Schuylkill 16 squad Bucknell ... too bad they had to go to Virginia to play the game." (Mario Machi)
- "Who knew James Madison was also the Father of Princeton second-half collapses?" (Zach Klitzman)

9. Bucknell, 174 points
- "I'd like to penalize Bucknell by moving them further down my rankings for losing to St. Francis (PA). But there's just no more room in the basement party of the Schuylkill 16." (Nick Catrambone)

10. Saint Joseph's, 187 points
- "If you use comparative scoring, you can confidently state that St. Joe's win over Norfolk State means they could probably beat Jacksonville State too." (Todd Falkenberg)

That would be Pomeroy No. 289-ranked Jacksonville State.

11. Delaware, 196 poins

12. Penn, 203 points
- "I'm glad Penn was able to get a huge amount of students out for the Battle of 33rd Street... It's too bad the first (and probably last) game they'll ever watch Penn play was a 21 point loss." (Marshall Fleming)

13. Lehigh, 205 points

14. Monmouth, 240 points
- "Monmouth has yet to play a game decided by more than two points. Maybe coach Dave Calloway should make a call over to Buzz Williams at Marquette." (Brian Ewart)

15. Lafayette, 241 points

16. Delaware State, 275 points
- "Delaware State has the distinction of being the last Division I basketball program standing without any of their shots being blocked. So obviously I voted them dead last." (Brian Ewart)

Nick Catrambone's Villanova rant in full:

Excuse my rant on Villanova. Clearly, I was not very happy with the students at the Nova-BU game last week. I needed an outlet to vent and luckily, I have you for that.

Attention Nova Students: You embarrass me. Your showing at the Boston U game was pathetic. "Nova Nation"? You can't fill a 2,000 seat student section! It's a Wednesday night in Radnor Township. What else could you possibly have to do?

You spoiled, Main Line cake eaters. Do you have any idea how good you have it? A nationally acclaimed coach. Roster full of All-American recruits. Winning 25 games a year is a privilege, not a right. You don't know what it's like to have a back court of Derrick Snowden and Reggie Bryant and a rat in a cheap suit on the sideline.

These players give everything they have to put your school on the map. Show up an support them. And those of you who were there: you're pathetic. You and your untucked dress shirt from Gap, khaki pants and Doc Martins. It's a basketball game, not a networking event. Put the Nova Nation shirt on! I know it's ugly but wear the freaking shirt.

And can someone heckle a player? Please? Boston's coach was wearing a pink shirt and you all let him get away with it unscathed. You guys are unbelievable. I'm banishing you to 2nd place for the rest of the calendar year. Beat Temple on 12/30 and we'll revisit this issue.

It's his opinion, not mine, but I figured he put enough time into the thing that it deserved to be published.