You vs. Me

We did this last year and it was pretty successful, so this year I'm giving you another chance to make me look stupid.

I've created a pair of contests for blog readers in's Hoops Hysteria contest. The first is a standard full-bracket contest. The second is a round-by-round contest, which is a bit different from the usual but should also be a lot of fun. In other words, you make your picks after each round instead of all at the start.

If you do really well, you can win prizes: they range from a $500 gift card to $100,000 if you get the whole thing perfect.

You'll also be able to compare brackets with me and Daily News writers Dick Jerardi, Mike Kern and Bob Cooney.

(No, I can't win the prizes. But that's as it should be.)

You can also click here for a printable bracket in .PDF form.

I will make my picks some time later tonight; I'm editing the homepage this evening so I don't have time for it right now.

But I will be back when game times are announced.