Usain Bolt's Penn Relays race schedule

The Penn Relays office released the schedule of races for the three-day event yesterday. There are a total of 367 events, but one will stand out far above the rest: the USA vs. the World Men's 4x100-meter relay.

It is the race that will feature Jamaican star and 100m sprint world record-holder Usain Bolt, and you can bet Franklin Field will be at its loudest and most crowded when Bolt takes the track.

So after laying out a few more words to make you stick around here for a moment longer, I will tell you that Bolt's race will go off at...

2:50 p.m. Saturday.

The full schedule of events is here. Thursday's schedule is here; Friday's schedule is here; and Saturday's schedule is here.

Start lists are up on those pages for everything but the college races, according to the Relays' Twitter feed.

As happens every year, the Relays office will be holding two press conferences to preview the event. The first will be Wednesday and the second will be Monday of next week. 

I will not be at Wednesday's press conference because I'm leaving for Toronto that afternoon to cover the Union's game up there; head over to The Goalkeeper for more on that. I will be at next Monday's press conference and will post a recording of it here.

I figure that the Penn Relays office will post a recording of Wednesday's press conference on its website. If they do, I'll link to it.

Believe it or not, the decathlon and heptathlon start one week from today.