Carr to miss St. Joe's-Xavier game with concussion

Re-topping this post, to borrow the newspaper phrase, with breaking news from Philly Hoops Insider: St. Joe's point guard and leading scorer Tasheed Carr will not play against Xavier tonight after suffering what team officials called a "mild concussion" at practice Tuesday.

That does not help matters for the Hawks, does it?

Back to regularly scheduled programming...

What is it with the Washington Post's sense of foreshadowing in the Atlantic 10?

Last week, Press Break gave us a final in the Best Non-BCS Coach contest between Fran Dunphy and Sean Miller, with Dunphy the victor.

This week, the poll asks which non-BCS team will advance the farthest in the NCAA Tournament, and three of the four semi-finalists are Atlantic 10 teams: Temple, Dayton and Xavier.

In fact, the semifinal draw - Temple-Dayton on one side and Xavier-Butler on the other - looks more than a little like what could be the semifinal matchups at the Atlantic 10 tournament, with a mystery team (can St. Joe's get its act together tonight?) facing the Musketeers.

Click here to vote. I have yet to be accused of rigging the vote, but then again, I've yet to receive any kind of communication from them ever. And they do have a blogroll that this thing would look pretty good in, at least if you ask me...

Okay, that's enough shamlessness for the day. I don't know if I'll be back on here tonight but at the very least I'll be liveblogging Georgetown-Villanova on Saturday starting just before noon, so join me for that.