The Schuylkill 16 2010-11: Week 15

If Temple had everyone healthy, I would honestly give the Owls a shot to win at Duke tonight. I think their defense is that good.

But with Micheal Eric out and Scootie Randall also likely to not play, I can't see Fran Dunphy's squad having enough depth to pull off the upset at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

So Temple fans will have to console themselves with having their team atop the Schuylkill 16 for a second straight week. That means something, right?

Oh. Well, anyway. Here we go.

1. Temple, 22 points
- "Wins and losses aside, bragging about leagues and recruiting become secondary in comparison to the Temple fans this past weekend, who firmly secured their place for Big 5 Fans of the Year consideration." (Ralph Manoppello)
- "It was electric to see the entire Liacouras Center standing to pay homage to the Hawk. Even better is that Nova fans are clamoring for t-shirts made by Temple's Cherry Crusade." (Zach Ceitlin)

I'm not so sure that was homage being paid, but if you say so.

2. Villanova, 25 points
- "The Wildcats are officially in trouble. Jay doesn't do the shooting on the floor, but I am starting to question his ability to win certain games in February." (Ralph Manoppello)
- " 'Nova was a fraud last year, and they are looking more and more like a fraud this year. This coming from a 'Nova fan." (Geoff Lane)

3. Drexel, 61 points

4. Penn State, 73 points
- "Penn State can't get over the hump and get a big win. Maybe next year for the Nits." (Patrick Flannery)

I think I've heard that before somewhere.

5. Rutgers, 77 points

6. Princeton, 84 points

7. Bucknell, 115 points

8. Penn, 128 points
- "Penn is a sinking ship." (Patrick Flannery)

Another one for the if you say so category.

9. Rider, 130 points

10. La Salle, 141 points
- "La Salle obviously has issues. Maybe Dr. John is the problem?" (Ralph Manoppello)

That really was a beatdown last night, wasn't it.

11. Delaware, 142 points 

12. Lehigh, 161 points 

13. Lafayette, 173 points 

14. Saint Joseph's, 180 points
- "Being a proud Owl, this is difficult to say, as I enjoy beating the Joe more than any other school. But something needs to be done out on City Avenue. This is plain disgraceful." (Lord Chesterfield)
- "I take comfort in the fact that Temple students spent so much time and energy to rip us when we're 7-19. They wouldn't do that for La Salle or Penn." (Carl Minniti)

15. Monmouth, 195 points
- "On the strength of three straight wins, Monmouth moves out of last on my ballot for the first time this season. It's also the first time I've moved a team up called the Hawks." )Jeff Shafer)

16. Delaware State, 197 points

For lack of a worthy Comment of the Week, here are all the comments I got on non-Schuylkill 16 entities:

Philly Guards
- "Scoop Jardine and Brad Wanamaker sticking it to 'Nova." (Carl Minniti)

Holy Family coach John O'Connor
"Dishonorable Mention. What was he thinking. No place for this kind of behavior by a coach at any level." (Patrick Flannery)

- "Right in the middle for beating the Longhorns of Texas. The 'Horns got husked." (Patrick Flannery)

That might be the most attention anyone has paid to Nebraska basketball in this town since Penn beat them in the 1994 NCAA Tournament.