The Schuylkill 16 2010-11: Week 13

Late Wednesday night update: I guess I should have waited another day for this, eh? Anyone want to make the case that Villanova shouldn't be No. 1 after losing at Rutgers? I have a hunch someone does.

This week's poll is dedicated to Phil Martelli, because I know how much he loves you all and wants you to be happy. 

1. Villanova, 15 points (14 first-place votes)

2. Temple, 28 points (1 first-place vote)
- "Jim Baron learned his lesson Saturday at Liacouras: The A-10 is only big enough for one mustache, and that mustache is Fran Dunphy's." (Jeff Shafer)

3. Drexel, 60 points

4. Penn State, 67 points

5. Princeton, 70 points
- "I have nothing pithy. I just want to go to sleep." (Jon Solomon)

Point taken.

6. Rutgers, 97 points
- "If Rutgers can run the table, they'll have a winning record in the Big East for the first time since the Big Ten had 10 teams." (Jeff Shafer)

The comment may be invalid by the time you see it, but it's the only Rutgers comment I got.

7. Rider, 115 points

8. Penn, 122 points
- "Penn took Harvard to double OT?! Jerome Allen is going to get that program back to the top of the Ivy within three seasons." (Marshall Fleming)
- "Penn lost back-to-back games to the Ivy favorites, in overtime. In some universe, that's almost as good as winning. That universe is the Schuylkill 16." (Brian Ewart)

9. Bucknell, 124 points

10. La Salle, 128 points
- "Hey Aaric Murray, regretting that out of nowhere La Salle choice now? We are quite happy with C.J. Aiken and his dedication, thank you very much." (Carl Minniti)

I wonder how happy you would be if Murray had gone to Temple instead of La Salle.

11. Delaware, 144 points
- "Delaware, I'm officially putting you on notice. You are absolutely pathetic. At Saturday's game we brought 40 DAC Packers and completely took over your arena. Meanwhile, for your home game against your arch-rival you had maybe 70 kids there, and ONLY THREE actually stood during the game. There was no semblance of cheering or anything." (Marshall Fleming)

12. Lehigh, 157 points
- "The Engineers beat Lafayette in pretty much every facet, except for conference record, and I am just arbitrary enough for that to make a the difference, head-to-head be damned!" (Brian Ewart)

13. Lafayette, 174 points

14. Saint Joseph's, 189 points
- "Nothing much to say, Phil pretty much covered it all in the UMass postgame. Everyone who was offended by the [word I can't repeat here - J.T.] quote needs to relax and get thicker skin. Anybody remember his response to Billy Packer? You all loved it then. Real talk is why we love him." (Carl Minniti)
- "It's official, Coach Phil recruits players with heart. Read it in the Sunday Inky. Never mentions talent or willingness to play big time ball, just heart. Good for you Phil, you'll be working at Krispy Kremes soon." (Ralph Manoppello)

Thanks for buying the paper.

15. Delware State, 200 points

16. Monmouth, 214 points
- "The most anticipated event this winter at the new Multipurpose Activity Center in West Long Branch is Thomas the Tank Engine. Let that one settle in." (Brian Ewart)



11. Cabrini
- "Cabrini men's hoops won their 29th in a row at home and ninth straight last week. Six teams should be dropped out of the S-16 and the Cavaliers should be added. Nice job!" (Ralph Manoppello)

14. Harvard
- "Just ahead of the Hawks." (Patrick Flannery)

Both of them, in fact.

16. Juan Castillo
- "If he can coach defense, I bet he can dunk a basketball too!" (Patrick Flannery)

Comment the week from Zach Klitzman

Who knew Chris Webber played for Penn? How open was Dougherty on that layup? Amy Gutmann could've made the the bucket. Penn's collapse in the final 15 seconds at Princeton surpassed the Giants' collapse against the Eagles for worst choke job in New Jersey in the last year.

Man, did that Princeton offense work well at the end of overtime versus Penn. The Tigers scored the last four points without dribbling the ball once to win.

Shot at me of the week from Marshall Fleming

Tannenwald, I'm calling you out in front of everybody right now. I want to see you at no less than all of Drexel's remaining home games, and then at the duration of the CAA tournament in Richmond.

Yes, I know you'll want to cover Nova and Temple, but those schools are old news and everybody is tired of reading about them. (Temple fans are so tired they don't even show up to their home games anymore). You are our good luck charm, and you could give us the Tannenwald-bump all the way to the big dance!

If only everything in life was that easy.